Wish List

It takes a lot of equipment, resources and people power to run our workshop. Here are some of the items we are most in need of:

  • iPad or similar Tablet to use in our workshop and to make it easier to take credit cards at markets. Any year, make or model welcome and will make a HUGE difference!

  • Etch or Intaglio Press: This is for an exciting project we are working on with CoFab Design, to develop a piece of equipment that will accelerate the rate at which we can turn tee shirts into weave-ready weft, or yarn. Below are the specifications:

      • The roller length needs to be 20 inches or greater.

      • Ideally a fairly heavy duty cast iron or thick steel press.

      • Metal bed would be best.

      • Roller should be 2" or greater in diameter.

    • Also possible: Clicker Press; most used clicker presses should work so long as the platens are in good condition and the press is working.

    • Also possible: Platen presses, dual roller press, potentially h-frame presses (hydraulic).

      More about this project: At the moment we cut every tee shirt by hand with scissors which is a tiring and time-intensive process. We're lucky to be working with CoFab, a design and engineering consult in Holyoke, to create this custom tool for us. CoFab is doing most of this work pro-bono - they're awesome like that! - and we are grateful to have received a grant from SPARK Entrepreneurship Training Program through the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce to support this project.

  • Plants to help our new workshop space feel more alive

  • Weaving tools and supplies- Please contact us first to make sure its not something we already have enough of.

  • Some sewing tools and supplies - Please contact us first to make sure its not something we already have enough of.

  • And always - we accept all types of tee shirts and long sleeve shirts, even those that are torn or stained - we find a way to use every scrap!  You can drop off donations any morning except Wednesday at our workshop at 362 Dwight Street in Holyoke, or contact us to schedule a convenient time. We are sometimes able to pick up large donations. Thank you for thinking of us next time you donate clothing!

Another great way to support our work is by organizing a tee shirt drive in your community. Please contact us for flyers and posters that can assist your drive - and thank you!

Thank you for thinking of us when rehoming anything you no longer use! We greatly appreciate every ounce of support that makes its way to us.